Caron Cabinet Doors

Designer Kitchens uses quality wood, door elements from renowned Caron Industries. Really, any style and stain/colour combination allows for an amazing amount of possibilities.

Caron Industries
At Caron Industries, they know that nothing highlights more quality cabinetry than beautifully crafted doors. This is why theircaronlogo_754 complete selection is backed with their quality system registered under ISO 9001:2008, a world renowned standard. Each genuine component having the «CARON SIGNATURE» on the back to confirm it complies with standards.
From Nature…
Wood, a living and noble material is essential to the character of their products. Wood is also part of our collective heritage. This is why Caron is respectful of the environment by optimizing the use of this precious natural resource and by reforesting every year. Since 2005, 5 000 to 10 000 trees have been planted yearly. A premiere in the industry.