Our Process

First step to take towards creating your dream kitchen is to give us a call, e-mail or better yet, drop in to see us. This way you can look through the variety of colours, styles of cabinet doors, hinges, drawer glides and handles. It all begins with with a discussion of what you envision, style, colours, what type of wood and finish. We spend time with you to figure out what would look best. If you have a picture in your mind, we will help you make it a reality!

Next, we come to your location to take measurements, match sample colours with your exisiting decor and get a sense of your style. This will confirm what we had discussed. Please keep in mind, that a great deal can be done through email, using this site, and the samples we have provided here.

Then we design a layout of your floor plan. Alternatively, if you already have a floor plan from a set of drawings which we can work with, and you are renovating and want to change the layout or floor plan of the existing kitchen, we can help. Either way we can come up with a layout that works in your space. We want your input as well, as much as possible, as it is your dream.

Once we have a computer generated rendering of how it will look like, we will go over the plans and material choices with you again, to make sure you’re happy with the cabinetry style and finish, etc. We can do your countertops as well, with wonderful choices of finishes.

It’s hard to envision what the front of the kitchen will look like in a particular wood. We have many sample doors in our showroom to look at, and here on the site. We can also make up a sample door for you to look at so you can see exactly how it will look. You can use this to compare the other accents in your home (flooring, trim, furniture, etc) to see if it compliments them.
Once we have a completed layout and know the style and finish of your kitchen, we can go into production to be custom manufactured in our facility.

When all the components of your new kitchen are manufactured, your new kitchen will be professionally installed. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your Dream Project!